Wednesday, February 02, 2011

long time no see.
i miss blogging.
i miss you blog.

i read a friend's blog just now, and that's why i was reminded about my own sweet blog.
why did i stop writing in the first place, i dont know...

probably because at that time, i entered the medical department and its almost impossible to spend any time online while being in that department. nevertheless, i loved it so much and i enjoyed the time i had there. such a busy place to work in, but such fun time...

anyway, after i left medical, i guess i just forgot. or, i thought i have grown out of blogging.

hey, guess what, i am in my fifth posting now. one posting left, that i'll be automatically upgraded to ud44. the journey has been good so far. i have its regular ups and downs...

you know what? as i read my previous entries, im beginning to regret for not documenting the things i have encountered. the things that touched my heart....

so, whats new about my life, you might ask.... daddy passed away last december. it was a shock, daddy was a healthy man. may he rest in peace. i am not comfortable in sharing the details here, but yeah, hes gone and we are doing fine, i guess.....

thats the only big news!

other news like, well, im still not married and im still getting married to the same man who proposed to me....we havent set the date yet but will announce soon....hes coming to KL next week so im excited....

so, till we meet again, miss yah!

i-lyn at 12:22 PM

dear eileen farhana,

it has been almost one year since you left your blog..glad that you'll be updating again..sorry for your lost too..

i love reading your medical experiences but try not to be toooooo specific yea..?


skoolm8 raja muda
We miss you too.. thanks you back again..
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